August 19, 2020

7 Books that Tremendously Improve Your Dating Skills

Every individual has been attracted or will be attracted to someone at a certain point in life. Being social animals, the urge to seek out a partner more often than not expresses itself once a person becomes an adolescent. Despite the fact that attraction comes naturally many people experience a challenge expressing their feelings and desires towards their intended partners. As a result, acquiring the requisite dating skills has emerged as one of the most pressing needs in the 21st century. This review of some of the bestselling dating books skills aims at helping individuals hone the requisite skills in today’s dating arena.


Prioleau in her book Swoon allows her readers to indirectly experience the dating exploits of renowned ‘seductionists’ such as Casanova. The book also explores how the dating scene has changed in recent years as the social scene has slowly embraced same-sex relations. What makes ‘Swoon’ a must have for people entering the dating scene is the author’s ability to effectively express how skills espoused by famed libertines such as Casanova can be used to win over someone’s heart.

7 Books that Tremendously Improve Your Dating Skills

Men love what they work hard for, because to them, easy come easy go. However, this notion does not imply that women should just lay back and wait for men to be their knight in shining armour. The main point is the fact that men have forgotten how to pursue women with the utmost sincerity. Chasing after a man can be catastrophic because men love the women they run after and not the ones they run away from. Men literally worship their freedom, and as hard as it may sound chasing after something that does not want to be caught can be downright and exhausting.

Never chase men again

Never Chase Men Again: 38 Dating Secrets to Get the Guy, Keep Him Interested, and Prevent Dead-End Relationships’ by Bruce Bryans got published in 2015. The book serves to show women how men appraise how women behave in a bid to determine their value and level of self-respect as a romantic partner. It allows the readers to discover the unchanging seduction secrets and dating do’s and don’ts. By getting an insight into the canons of dating, a woman can evade catastrophic dating frustrations and keep away from appearing desperate or even needy.

Some of the lessons to be learnt in the book include: The common mistakes committed by women during dating that compel men to “run away for good or keep off from dating in the 21st century. The dating rules for protecting “good women” who often feel exploited and mishandled by the common notorious promiscuous men. Some of the most aggravating and hurting habits that cause high-esteemed men to stop pursuing women instantaneously. How to keep a man interested, attracted, and focused on you with an unwavering loyalty level. The most domineering form of male seduction that keeps a woman destitute and powerlessly chasing after a man.

The modern day dating seems very devious and highly problematic. It remains marked by unending rough situations and frustrations. Even with all the texting, snap chatting, Facebooking, tindering, and Tweeting, communication between individuals remains “uncommunicative”. People would rather “hang out” than take dating with the much seriousness it deserves. The heightening Hangouts have made men sit back waiting for women to make the move.

It should be clearly noted that in the past, men were the hunters and gatherers. As prescribed by nature, they ought to be the initiators of the relationships. Research shows that the most successful relationships come about when men become the initiators or make the first move. Relationships that begin as a result of women chasing after men do not have a happy ending. In his book, Bruce Bryans highly discourages women from chasing after men. According to him, chasing after a man kills the thrill of dating.

Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy: The Art of No Contact

The above book serves as an “instruction manual” to the dating life. It reminds women about maintaining their standards and loving themselves above anything else. Being a single woman in this century seems gruelling because it implies that one has to be selective, smart and even sexy. Furthermore, it alludes that one has options to choose. Matters of the heart have always been complicated because the heart wants what it wants at all costs in most cases. The heart cannot be taught to “unlove” and it cannot get “Unbroken” and that’s a really harsh reality about life. The books enable women to learn how to prevent their men from losing interest, how to handle their emotions and a breakup among many other benefits.

Men Don’t Love Women Like You

Men Don’t Love Women Like You by G.L Lambert is a breakthrough that speaks the brutal truth about dating. It does not seem like just any other book rather it is meant to be the step to step guide to evolution. It will break you down and bring you right back as quoted by the famous Beyoncé Knowles. The book provides real-life knowledge and information about dating and how to successfully work your way through it. The best thing about the book is that it presents facts as they are without “sugar-coating” or leaving out any crucial information. It stresses more on moving from a placeholder to a game changer. G.L Lambert, in his book, mainly aims at enhancing people’s dating skills.

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P

‘The love Affairs of Nathaniel P’ by Adelle Waldman book was first published in 2013. It clearly spells out the love affairs of Nate, P, a young man in search of happiness, and an inside on how he thinks about women. Nathaniel, P, a writer and a rising star has his pick of both women and magazines. When one of his relationships starts growing, he is compelled to consider what he really wants. One of the many problems facing modern dating revolves around the indecisiveness of some individuals.

Adelle Waldman throws us into the flaws of the modern man. It reveals a man who thinks himself as beyond apparent judgement, even though he struggles with anxiety. Despite being drawn to women, he lets them down regularly, and this makes him an emblem of our times. The book provides insight into the dating world where people worry about breaking up with regards to how extensively they have invested in the relationship. Kate Hudson says, “This is excellent! Adelle Waldman writes a witty, relatable, and insightful novel about modern dating.”

The Five Flirting Styles: Use the Science of Flirting to Attract the Love You Really want

‘The Five Flirting Styles’ by Jeffrey Hall revolves around identifying the natural flirting styles whether playful, physical, polite, traditional and sincere. The flirting styles to aid in making individuals flirt smarter and attract the love of their lives. The book enables individuals to discover where to search for love depending on their style. It also serves to make people tell if someone is interested so as to avoid missed opportunities. Jeffrey Hall also makes readers tell if someone wants a serious relationship or they want a quick fling. Understanding our flirting styles serves as one of the ways to enhancing our dating techniques. Flirting techniques have a significant impact on people’s love lives.

The Dating Playbook For Men: A Proven 7 Step System to go from Single to the Woman of your Dreams

The Dating Playbook for Men enables men to move from single frustrated bachelors to having the woman of their dreams. To continue, through the fuck book, individuals are able to turn the barriers preventing them from chasing the women of their dreams. One of the most crucial goals of men in life has always been the ability to pursue and conquer the love of their life. It enables men to derive an unexplainable sense of pride that emanates from deep within. In most cases, it makes them abundantly motivated about life.

The book enables men to turn obstacles like the fear of rejection in allies. Apart from this, the book enables men to build a fascinating social life that can be envied by other men. Through the book, men get to understand what women desire or want. One of the greatest causes of failure in dating embodies men’s inability to understand what women want. Even though it remains an uphill task to understand the desires of women due to their volatile nature, men’s lack of interest makes the situation worse. Sometimes a great mystery encompasses the art of understanding women. The first step to unveiling the mystery is using a guide from men and women of wisdom as in Andrew Ferebee’s book.