The Top-Ten Biggest Dating Mistakes

There’s no such thing as the perfect relationship, much less the perfect date. Online dating is a tough game, and there are more ways to pluck the dog here than you think.

The Top-Ten Biggest Dating Mistakes

In no particular order, we’ll run over the top 10 dating mistakes guys tend to make on both the online world and in the real world.

Warning: If any of these tips sound like you, change it up! Learn and adapt or spend every Friday night with a Hot Pocket and a Code Red Mountain Dew. Use this tips to attract your date partner and start new relationship with our sex partner near you.

1: Don’t Lie
Although it may be tempting to lie on your dating profile, don’t do it. Even if it’s only about a little thing, like your height, weight or job, ignore the urge to lie. Eventually, you’ll have to sell yourself. Lies will be exposed and you’ll be back to square one. This help you to meet girls for sex and women for fuck tonight. Free Fuck site nears you.

2: Forget the Particulars
It’s truly surprising just how many rules and hang-ups the dateless cling to. Guys, even on a years-long dateless streak, still insist the girl must live close, must share so-and-so interest, must believe in this, must not believe in that, etc. It’s for the birds, man! Let go of that stuff and open yourself up to a wider range of possibilities.

3: Don’t Harp
Let’s say you strike lucky and semi-hook it with a girl who seems to be interested in you. Well, this might work out, but if you’re one of those bozos who barks and complains over every unimportant detail, it’s going to fail. Check your pettiness at the door.

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4: Be a Man
Hey, let’s face it: guys can be real whiners. Well, it’s time to man-up. Don’t go crying and whining about things like a girl not contacting you when you wanted or any other truly unimportant detail. Don’t be a wimp.

5: Don’t Assume
This is where you want to be more thorough in explaining yourself. If you assume that a girl knows everything about you by reading your profile, then you’re going to be disappointed when she abruptly flees after learning of things a week later. You can’t assume someone else knows you, and you can’t decide that they don’t need to. If there’s anything worth knowing, let it be known.

6: Brad Pitt Doesn’t Date
Okay, so you’re not happy with your appearance. That’s fine. But even still, the last thing you should ever do is to upload fake photos. Get over it! You’re not the world’s most handsome man, but that doesn’t mean you actually need to be in order to date. Be real with yourself for once and show the world exactly who you are. If they like it, fine.

7: No Drama
You might be as neurotic as George Con-stanza mixed with Woody Allen, but no one else wants to know about it. Don’t come across like you’re emotionally inept. Odds are you’re not. So, keep that crap in the corner of your mind and leave it there.

8: Don’t be Angry
Not everyone’s going to be interested in you. Heck, you might be in contact with a girl for a few weeks before she decides you’re not the right fit. But don’t hold a grudge and curse her, etc. Think of it as a blessing. And you can hope she catches herpes or something down the roads

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9: You’re not impressive
Guys, stop trying to impress the ladies with your delusional tales of heroic aptitude. Just stop it. You’re you, not some version of you that you want to be because you think it’s what she wants. Ah, yeah, whatever just stop it!

10: No Stalking!
This mistake cannot be emphasized enough. Guys, please don’t be dirty stalkers. Even if it’s on the web, that doesn’t mean you can’t stalk. If a girl says no or shows a lack of interest, then let her be. Don’t message her repeatedly, lurk her profile, create a new persona to get close to her, etc. That’s some Ted Bundy stuff, man. Avoid that!