Get Your Guy Off Right with These Orgasm Tips

What girl doesn’t love knowing that she can bring her guy to his knees when it comes to sex? It’s absolutely intoxicating to watch a man writhing about in ecstasy and leave him with that look that can only be described as a mix of awe and satisfaction, all the while knowing that you are the one responsible for it. The orgasm tips that we’re going to cover here will help you get him there every time.

Get Your Guy Off Right with These Orgasm Tips

5 Must-Try Orgasm Tips

Use 5 orgasm tips to leave him in sexy shock and awe every time:

Indulge him in some sensation-overload by teasing all of his hottest spots. Sure, you can make him cum by going in for the kill and stroking or sucking his dick, but to really leave him in some serious throes of orgasmic pleasure; tease and please his other naughty parts too. I’m talking about the perineum, the testicles, and even—gasp!—the prostate. Work your magic on his member with your hand or mouth while also letting them linger over his balls and the sensitive little spot between his balls and his anus. And if you’re both open to it, use your finger to caress the outside of his anus for a bit and then, will some lube and gentle pressure, insert your finger into his anus for an orgasm he’ll never forget.

Surprise him. The element of surprise when it comes to sex is an instant excitement booster. Surprise your guy with a hand job or blowjob as his wakeup call and see how hard and fast he cums. Another welcome surprise is asking him to pull the car over to the side of the road for some action or reaching over and stroking his cock through his pants while at a restaurant or movie.

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Get him when his testosterone levels are at their highest. Testosterone plays a major part in sexual arousal so it’s no surprise that pleasuring your guy when his testosterone levels are the highest means a way more powerful orgasm. His levels peak when he is most relaxed, which is when he first gets up in the morning or when he’s in enjoying some time off from work.

Give him something to look at. Men are visually stimulated; more so than women so giving him something to look at when it comes to sex is an instant boost to his arousal and ultimately his orgasm. A clear view of your bouncing tits while he’s inside you; a clear shot of your ass spread for him during doggy-style; seeing you masturbate before or during sex—these are all MAJOR turn-ons that’ll lead to the kind of explosive orgasms that’ll leave him breathless.

Be willing to experiment. Showing your sexual confidence and increasing excitement are both big perks when it comes to sex and getting him off right. Your willingness to try new things alone is enough to get him all hot and bothered like nothing else, so following through with new experiences will really take him over the edge! Suggest you give some sex toys a try; sex toys for women that he can use on you or watch you use on yourself or sex toys for men that can take your sack sessions to a whole other level. Then there’s also stuff like sex outside the bedroom, new sex positions, and maybe even indulging some of your sexual fantasies like a threesome, bondage, or exhibitionism.

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These 5 orgasm tips are sure to cinch your spot as best lover ever! High five, gurrrrrl!