How to Tell Her You Want It in the Ass

We’ll get to the point – some guys like a bit of anal play. You know what we are talking about – tonguing the asshole, gently probing at it with a well-lubricated finger, butt plugs inserted at just the right time for the ultimate orgasm…

It’s not just the gay guys that like their G-spots well taken care of either – straight men are lovin’ a bit of backdoor action too, and more straight men are now admitting to liking it than ever before.

How to Tell Her You Want It in the Ass

It’s not just solo backdoor fun that we are talking about here either – sex toys for gay men are commonly turning up in straight men’s bedrooms. This doesn’t make them gay, this makes them fun. Experimentation is great fun!

You don’t have to go out there and shove one of the ranges of huge dildos up your ass to indulge in anal fun – why about things like a strap on dildo or butt plug?

Honey, Will You F**K Me with a Strap On?

One night why not have a few drinks with your other half and she what her stance is on anal action if you don’t already know. Having a couple of drinks beforehand will generally loosen the tongue and lower her inhibitions so be prepared to go through with what you are talking about – yes, it does really happen that way!

You could ask her straight out what her views are on using a strap on, on you. It might be better to broach the conversation carefully though – only you can really know what will work for your girlfriend, partner or wife. Of course you could always play things a tad sneaker – why not initiate sex and in the heat of the moment, whisper a naughty “Honey, I really want you to play with my ass”. She’ll soon let you know whether or not she’s into it.

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Tell Me Your Naughtiest Fantasies

You could talk about fantasies with her. One night watch a naughty film like “9 ½ Weeks” or “Secretary” and ask her if there’s anything she’d like you to do her. You could always go with a safer “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do that?” when specific scenes that take your fancy pop up on the screen. The film “9 ½ Weeks” works well for this as it broaches a large range of taboo’s – there are things like riding crops, dominance, blindfolding and much more – all of these could help things along.

Do What You Want to Me

The blindfold will often help things along if you are brave enough to give this dirty little trick a try. You could whisper to her – “I’m going to put this on and I want you to do anything you want to me” might be enough to tip things along for her. You need to get her on your wavelengths – she needs to know that this is something that you might be open to. Best tips by for free.

Alrighty, Give Her Butt A Try

You could always just do it to her too and see how she reacts. When you have her blindfolded, play around with her ass at the same time as fucking her pussy or even licking her out? You could start to massage her asshole with your tongue when you go down on her and you could do this when you are finger-fucking her too. You could even go as far as to get her in the doggy position, fucking her from behind and after a while, when you sense she might be enjoying things, quietly spit on your finger or thumb and start to play with her backdoor. Don’t do a loud spit though – most chicks won’t dig this! You could even start things off with dildos – they don’t need to be big dildos, even mini-vibes will do to kick-start things in the right direction.

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At the end of it, if you want her to fuck you with a strap on dildo or start to think about sex toys for gay men in your casual sex lives, you need to start implanting the idea into her head. Chances are she has already given thins some thought so it probably won’t take much to ease things along. Why not give it a shot and see what sort of responses you get?