Top 5 Online Dating Mistakes Guys Make When Messaging Women

Use online British sex contracts websites to meet hot and sexy girls and women near your for date. Sign up Now this website. There are many mistakes that you can make when you send a woman a message through the dating website you choose.  You might be thinking, how hard can it really be to message a sexy girl online?

Top 5 Online Dating Mistakes Guys Make When Messaging Women

Well, you have to understand that most of these women get many messages, and winks or icebreakers a day.  The more seductive their photos, generally the more messages theyll get because theyll attract those type of guys.  Below I list the top 5 mistakes that a guy makes when he tries to message a dating woman online. Join free sex websites to meet girls for fuck tonight.


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1.   U typ lik dis in da msg to hur.  (You use shorthand and have a lot of grammatical errors)

Tell me the truth, when you see a beautiful college graduate and you try to send a message that needs a decoder ring to understand do you really expect a response?  Type your response will full words and proper punctuation, then proof read your message out-loud to make sure it sounds right.  Women appreciate it when you take the time out to properly respond to them.  Hint: type your message in a word processor like Word to ensure your spelling and grammar is correct.

2.   You use the wink or icebreaker feature.

As mentioned before, these ladies get a lot of these wink things a day.  If you want to be just another face in the crowd, try your luck at using these features.  They are generic time savers that dint get you anywhere.  Some people even think they are spam bots just sending them automated messages and in some cases they are.  Be weary when using these features, my advice is to avoid them at all costs. Meet Women seeking men for fuck today.

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3.   Sending her a message based on her photo and not her profile.

You have a much better chance of receiving a response if you read the woman’s profile that you are interested in and making a reference to a part in your message.  Introduce yourself, tell her why you’re interested in her, and ask about a certain fact in her profile.  Even if she isn’t interested in you, she may engage in conversation with you based on a question you have.  This is much better than sending a wink into oblivion and never receiving a response.

4.   You send a message without having a photo of yourself in your own profile.

Nothing is worse than sending a woman a well crafted message that she reads and likes only to find out she didn’t respond because you didn’t have a photo.  You may not be the most handsome guy in town, but if you send a message with confidence that catches her eye you will most likely receive a response if shes interested.  Always have a recent photo of you with no one else in it, always.

5.   Being disrespectful when referring to the way she looks.

This goes hand in hand with sending a woman a message based on her picture.  When you send a message like: You are super hot, we should meet up sometime.  You are once again putting yourself into the sea of other guys who have sent the same message to her and fuck today.  My advice is to refrain from commenting on her beauty at all no matter how hot she is.  Talk about similar interests, ask questions about her profile and about her.  There is nothing worse than another creeper on a dating site calling a girl hot, sexy, seductive, etc.

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Try to avoid making these mistakes and see how many responses you get.