15 Dirty Ways to Have the Sexiest Rough Sex Ever!

There is anything here that you need to know about how to get sexually dirty in a dirty way, and you can use these 15 types of Rough sex to make sex more!

15 Dirty Ways to Have the Sexiest Rough Sex Ever!

Uncomfortable sex is subjective

What a nervousness for a person can be to someone else

If you are looking for some time for some time, and they admit that they love sex with someone, just do not beat them badly and you know what they expect to do on the bed Are there.

What is uneasy sex?

Uncomfortable sex is the type of sex, where you add pain to sexual activity to increase sex!

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This is a sexual release where you can show your tremendous strength and lust at the same time.

Uncomfortable sex does not talk easily about some people, but still, it is true that if we all enjoy, we can enjoy all of them.

If you are not a person who is in some sex, then all aggressiveness can be dangerous due to sexual intercourse to bring something in a romantic form, but when you understand the small nuances of emotional Rough sex, then all this change Will go.

First of all, unprotected sex gives you the best enjoyment with a trusted partner. You both know the boundaries and abilities of each other, and it is easy to know where to remove the line [Read:How to Initiate Sexting: Make Your Partner Hot and Horny for You]

Psychological thrill of some sex

One of the sexiest things about some sex is that how it is on the bed.

If you drink your lover’s back with your nails, then they experience anger that force them to give some kind of trick with their own, so that you get a high sexual experience for both of them. can do.

But not everyone has uncommon sex, especially for those who have a bad experience. For those who enjoy, an occasional period of some kind of sex can increase the passion in long-term relationships. [Read: 10 ways to have long-term sex looks like a sexy one night]

People who love some sex, they have high sex, which they feel they experience more pain than sexual pleasure. This is definitely not a bad thing, because in a little while, in everyday life, changes in everyday life can make love more sexy and alive. [Read:Titty Sex: How to Make Booby Sex Feel Like a Blast for Your Girl]

When you are really uncomfortable sex, the desire to increase sexual arousal is so heavy that even penetration can not satisfy you. You want to do more, it hurts, but you like it, and this is all that makes the whole thing so passionate.

But there is no relation between sex or sex for everybody and for every stage of a relationship, especially for a woman, she trusts her who trusts him and loves him, and knows him That she will not judge him until she was standing with a true sexy boy from one night, she was waiting to get to bed with the bed while *.

Major and humble fiber sex

Uncomfortable sex is Rough sex, but when two people are involved, they can still take two different types of roles. A partner usually starts some sex while another partner experiences physical pain and is excited by it.

If you are more influential in relationship or in real life and have a career or a lifestyle where you do not push too much, then you can enjoy weak sex compared to other people. To be free from responsibility and control, this is the way of your heart’s craving. With the psychological release of control you enjoy your orgasm.

On the other hand, a lover who plays a humble part in a relationship or in real life, can control the bed better, or play hard partner while having a strict sex.

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To feel for any other sex or to feel powerful, Rough sex does not mean it can be used as a psychological release, unless you practice it in a controlled environment and often swap the major and the humble sides , Unless you both do not like specific roles at all times. [Read:The Truth About Local Dating Sites]

Uncomfortable sex is not always a sex

Although uncomfortable sex is a kind of kinky sex * unorthodox *, this can only be a emotional collapse in the valley, because both of you are very excited. There are some plans and preparations in most types of kinky sex, but almost any scheme of Rough sex is not required, unless you plan to include toys and other sexual material.

Uncomfortable sex is beyond sexual stimulation, it is a sexual stimulus that has been brought aggressively.

A Rough sex tip for people

Girls Like Fat Sex Of course, not all the time! But every now and then, a good round of Rough sex can make him feel alive. In some way, aggression is being dominated once in a while but a girl changes. There is something about a man’s physical strength and aggression like animal, which can astonish a girl at all times!

When you have uncomfortable sex with your girl, then it shows your confidence and your masculine, wild side that can burn the raw sexual desire on it again, but how thick it should be? Okay, there is something you need to talk to [Read:Free Fuck Site]

Rough Sex for Cool Lovers

If you are a person who is not used to hurting a lover * in a controlled environment * *, the idea of some sex can be grave and frightening, even frightening, but You will never know how powerful you can be or how long can you do this work until you try it.

If you are concerned with some sex for the first time, do not vote to show your discomfort. Start slower by kissing and aggressively using your teeth, but as you get more into the act, more pressure on your partner either by using your hands or your pelvis.

Run your hands through the hair of your boyfriend and hold firmly with your fingers, while doing something wrong or biting the neck of your lover and when you feel comfortable enough, then your nails should be made of your partner’s back Run back, deep with every confidence in your pelvis

And anywhere on the way, you feel that wild passion will start swallowing you. And before you know it, you’ll be ready for all the wild and lifeless times! [Read: How to look very nude erotic using 15 real-life tips]

15 ways to have sex is sex

Pain and pleasure released endorphin, body-made morphine-like chemical. If you learn to mix pain with sexual pleasure during some sex, then you can immediately feel good.

Here are 15 types of uncomfortable sex that you can use in bed with your lover. But always remember to avoid moving in the heat of the moment

# 1 Screaming and shouting We are not all sex screams but when you get trampled and leave your vocal obstacles, you feel more relaxed and careless, who will fool you. [Read: How to actually sound sexy in bed]

# 2 NABNEL AND BITS When you are on bed, using a tooth is a great way to get the animal out for you. Hardly bite, but it is not difficult to attract blood. Neck, breasts, stomach, internal thighs Focus on the erogenous zone around the elbow and ankles.

# 3 Scratches your lover with your claws really. Runing a painful line with your nails against the soft skin of the back of your lover will send a sexy crowd that can cause great pain but when you are on high sex, all of this pain will turn into adrenaline!

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# 4 Drag the hair of each other, fill the handful of your boy’s hair over the scalp behind the head, and tug on it. You will lose your hold and still, when you catch your lover from the lower edge of your hair, then pain will be more enjoyable.

# 5 Invasive movements like pounds like each other, do not tomorrow, and aggressive aggressive movement for you will close both of you until you both can hold for a long time but remember, you are here with fragile body parts Are working, so do not take very deep or very difficult push

# 6 Burning slaps, slapping each other on the face or chest, or if you are standing behind your partner who is on all four squares, slap their back or their butt, the pain will come out of the animal in your lover. . [Read: 14 tips to feel sexy and desirable all the time]

# 7 Volatility for many Kinky lovers, the supply of oxygen is cut into the brain for all the time. But be very careful here, because you can hurt your boyfriend, while they can suffocate or throttling. Instead of trying to strangle your lover, just keep your hands on the neck of your boyfriend and massage them as long as they do not feel your pressure.

Do not try to completely block the supply of oxygen, you should definitely leave it to professional kinky brokers who know what they are doing. Another option is to suppress the face, either by using your palms without too much strength or by wearing a cushioned cushion on your lover’s mouth.

# 8 Abusive words never heard the rows, “Say my name!” ?? Or “call me a bitch!” ??? Well, many lovers like to hear the painful name and the painful disturbances. If your boyfriend is called a prostitute then go ahead and confuse them.

# 9 Playing fantasy and role play a big part in setting the mood of some sex to your chosen words. Take your partner in your favor, as you keep them in favor, and do something wrong about what you intend to do. Or like two of you excuse like two other people, two strangers in a flight, or drunken stranger in a party. If you have an active imagination, you will take your lover in the mood before doing anything. [Read: Examples for dirty thinking and talking in bed]

# 10 Forcecing your partner to commit sexual acts can do a lot of work if both of you get effective and humble roles. Push your head over your head, or hold your lover with your neck or hands and order around the bed. [Read:Women Looking for Fun]

# 11 Alert If your nails are not painful enough, then use less whip they hurt more, and it has to be whipped to dominate a lot and humiliate

# 12 Tie your lover to the hands and feet of your lover, or hold your hand firmly with your hands. The inability of the situation can change both of you, because one of you will be under full control of another person. You can also use cough instead of ropes.

# 13 Spanking Spanking is the poster of Rough sex when someone thinks of some sex, almost always imagine a hard work on the bare floor, you know for sync, so go ahead and mess with them. Give it until they become dark red

# 14 Force yourself on your lover Rape fantasy If your partner is being thought more about sexual relations with a stranger, then talk about a fantasy about a fantasy, where your lover has to make sexual requests by some other person Is being forced to And as you imagine this scene, make sure that your hands continue to play somehow with your partner’s body. [Read: Top 10 sexual fantasies for girls]

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# 15 Toys and Jigs uncomfortable toys and jigs are not for the unconscious heart. But if you want to take that road into some sex, then go to the right. This can not be for everyone, but if you enjoy extremely bad sex, maybe there is a way to go to BDSM [Read: How to plan a successful sexy toy party with your friends]

Incompatible partners and raw sex

As long as you’re both fun, uncomfortable sex is very good and dandy. But are you in a relationship where only one partner enjoys sex while the other is not? Occasionally, a partner who feels weak around you or you can use thick sex to feel more powerful. If your partner is using some sex to feel influential in a relationship, then it is not good for you or for a relationship.

Even while having sex, make sure that both partners are engaged in some drama, unless one of you wishes to deliberately prefer to be polite. It is very important that both partners take equal control while having silk sex.

Keeping in mind is another concern that addiction. If you are having uncomfortable sex in the first few times, then this idea might be drug addictive. But if any of you are accustomed to it and do not be sued by a soft type of gender, then you will bite on some gender until you both can hurt each other or do sexual acts without hurting one another. [Read: 10 dirty ways to get a sexual dry spelling and have better sex with your boyfriend]

Bad side of some sex – do not take away

Uncomfortable sex, the way it sounds, it is some kind of thing. You are working here with sensitive body parts, remember that while playing in the grass, it should be gentle. As they say, do not do anything that you do not want to convince the traditional people.

Uncontrolled uncomfortable sex can break a man and hurt a girl. Here are some precautions that you should keep in mind.

# 1 Broken Ling If a girl sits too low or the boy enters deeply, then it is definitely possible.

# 2 In a hurry, a girl can harm the cervix at a speed of speed, causing bleeding or injury.

# 3 It is difficult to control ejaculation and orgasm while having uncomfortable sex. [Read: How to stay longer during sex without any difficulty]

# 4 Your safety may be damaged, while some kind of dirty can be.

# 5 Tears in the vagina walls due to some sexually aggressive sex.

If you see any painful swelling or bleeding after some sex, consult your doctor, especially if the symptoms last longer than a few days.

Address your wishes

Uncomfortable sex is a lot of fun; it is aggressive, wild, passionate and steamy but very good thing always spoils everything. Use some kind of sex to mix with other types of kinky sex [Read: Your relationship Top 50 Kinky Sex Ideas To Make More Attractive!]

And if there is something about uncomfortable sex that you do not like, or if a particular scenario in the bed scares you, talk to your lover about it, it should be uncomfortable for both of you, just for a selfish partner No.

When to stop, there is a code word to know, so both of you know that when things go out of hand during some sex, but as long as you keep warnings in meditation, go out of there and never go wild wildly sex Do it!

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Still wondering how uncomfortable sex is? Well, use these 15 types of Rough sex and keep these orange tips in mind, and there will definitely be a sexy, dirty and wild time in bed with your lover!