5 of the Summer’s Best Water Sex Positions

The summer is here and while most people are planning their vacations and just hanging out at the beach; this is your time to be getting your grove on in the most amazing body of water. The trick is that you need to know what are the best positions for you to get your groove on while in the water. Some positions that work while you are on land simply don’t work while you are in the water. It’s all about pleasing your partner and yourself this summer.

5 of the Summer’s Best Water Sex Positions

Lets take a look at 5 of the Summer’s Best Water Sex Positions:

1. Lazy River Tubbing: If you are planning on heading out to a lazy river this summer, then this is the best position to get your freak on. All you need to do is rent or use one tube. The men sits on it first and then the women straddles the man. Once you are in this position just go about your business and rock that lazy river.

2. Canoeing: Lots of people enjoy canoeing during the summer because it’s fun and adventurous. Well, lets take that sense of excitement up and get naughty. The man and woman can both lay on the floor of the open canoe and get into the spoon position. Or the man can sit down and the woman can sit on his lap. In this position she can simply move up and down on that man’s private part.

3. Jacuzzi: This is one of the best places to experience water sex. It’s romantic, passionate and downright arousing. The man needs to sit down and the woman needs to sit on top of him facing him. While facing each other you will be able to make out, rub on each other’s body and much more.

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4. Shoreline: While on a more private beach a couple can have an amazing sexual experience. The man needs to sit on the shoreline and the woman sits on him facing the water. Make sure to sit close enough to the water to get some small waves hitting you both. Just go with the flow and move as hard or soft as you want.

5. Raft: This position needs to be done in a body of water that is high enough to support a raft as well as low enough so that the man can stand up in it. The woman needs to lay facing down on the raft as the guy stands behind her lifting her legs up while he is doing his thing.

Make sure that you are trying out all of these positions as soon as you can this summer. If you live in an area that stays hot most of the year, then you can enjoy these water sex moves all year round.