The 6 Best Dating Apps – Which dating apps are the best?

Now that you’ve read through my Definitive 50 Rules For Using Dating Apps, you’re ready to put those tips to good use. But with the list of online services growing on a daily basis, how is one supposed to know which dating apps are the best? Wading through all of the options can be as daunting as the search for an actual date.

Fear not: below are six of my favorite dating apps, all of which offer entirely different experiences. Read on to determine which will work best for you!

The 6 Best Dating Apps - Which dating apps are the best?


Arguably the current king of dating apps, Tinder allows you to right swipe your way into someone’s arms — or left swipe them into oblivion. However, although Tinder makes an impressive 12 million matches daily, there are over 1 billion profile swipes per day. That means only 1.2% swipes result in matches. Ouch. You might have better odds heading to the casino and hitting on the blackjack dealer. While long-term matches are certainly possible, you’ll be best off using this one as a means of finding a hookup. Although, of course, nothing beats “Tinder in Real Life.”


For those interested in a more scientific approach to matching, Mesh uses more advanced algorithms to weed out low quality messages (i.e. those that might include vulgarity, poor grammar, keyword deal-breakers, or obsessive rants about favorite cat breeds), to make smarter matches. Nice guys never finish last when using Mesh – those who are able

to craft thoughtful, sincere messages actually do quite well! It’s currently only active in New York and a few cities on the west coast, but anyone in the U.S. can sign up to use the app in “tour mode.”

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The popular dating site has its own app, which has one of the most user-friendly interfaces of any app. Plus, it allows you to see when someone was last active on the service, which means you won’t be wasting your time sending messages to accounts as responsive as orange street cones. And since it’s so popular, you’ll always have new users to interact with. OKCupid users have gotten a bit more serious in recent years, but it’s still a fairly laid back platform — so it might not be right for you if you’re looking to get married next week.


“Bang With Friends” (I kid you not), was permitted to stay in the App Store only after its creators agreed to change its name to “Down.” The app which (probably really belongs in the list of “Best Sex Apps”) allows users to anonymously express interest in Facebook friends. If any of those friends are also “down” to get “down,” both users are notified so that they can meet up for a casual fling. If your crush isn’t feeling it, he or she will never even know you made a move. It’s a bit like Tinder…minus all of the steps that usually precede sex.

Blendr / Grindr

Created by Joel Simkhai, Blendr and Grindr both use GPS location sensing in order to connect nearby daters for convenience. Now you can creep up behind your potential soulmate and scare the crap outta him or her before the romance begins! The main difference between these two apps, of course, is that while Blendr is for men and women, Grindr caters solely to gay guys. Of the two apps, Grindr is far more popular, possibly because of its simplicity (users are only granted one photo), which contributes to users focusing on more immediate sexual encounters.

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