How to Scratch Someone’s Back to Get Them in the Mood for Sex

There are times when someone is ready for sex and they may require little if any foreplay, or convincing that the mood is right. However, when you need to get someone in the mood for sex, a good back scratch can be just what they need to relax and start to feel sensual and sexual and to be responsive to you, their partner.

To scratch anyone’s back and get them in the mood for sex, first set the scene. Turn down the lights and use candles around the bedroom or living room. Shut out distractions like the television, although some romantic or sensual music may be played. Have your partner lay down on the bed on their stomach, and be sure they’re completely relaxed. It helps if they’re nude as a sensual back scratch won’t stop at just the back! If they prefer to be covered, suggest you drape a towel over their buttocks and upper legs so you can easily reach their lower back for scratching.

How to Scratch Someone’s Back to Get Them in the Mood for Sex

Next, use some massage oil to keep from scratching their skin too roughly. Don’t use baby oil as this is too thick and doesn’t absorb well into the skin. Invest in good grape seed or coconut oil as this is very nourishing and easy to work with. Add just a small amount to your hands and rub them together to warm the oil, then add it to their skin. Never drip the oil directly onto their skin as it can be cold and startling, and never use too much as this creates a greasy effect.

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Now that their skin is prepared, you want to begin the back scratching.

Start by lightly scratching the entire back, from the neck to the buttocks, in slow circular movements. Repeat this movement at least three times, never taking your fingernails off their back. Then, applying a bit more pressure, concentrate on the areas that need the most scratching. For women this is typically the area the bra covers, as the skin gets chafed and irritated under the bra straps. You may even notice red marks along the center of her back or vertically around her shoulders. For men, the back of the neck where their skin may rub against tags on their shirts and the small of the back are often the best places on which to concentrate.

Once you’ve worked these areas, you now want to give some attention to their sides, but scratch gently along the sides or you’ll tickle them and this will break the mood. Go up and down their sides slowly in long movements, and again, never take your fingernails off their back.

After you’ve worked the sides, you can now concentrate on the lower back and the top of the buttocks.

This is a very sensitive area and one that may be a quick turn-on for them. Work your way down the side of the buttocks to the legs and scratch up and down the legs, using small circular motions. Go back up and down their legs a few more times, getting closer to the buttocks and closer to the inside of the legs with each turn. On the last turn, run your fingernails gently but firmly over the buttocks, keeping your hands in the middle of their backside. Run your nails from the buttocks to the inside of the thighs, staying gentle but firm. Continue this movement using circular motions.

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Once you start using your nails on the inside of the thighs, your partner may be ready for even more physical touch and sexual activity! The key to scratching their back in this way is that you start with the upper back to get them relaxed and ready for more physical stimulation. Take things slow and let them build their anticipation; this is part of what gets them ready for sex.

It’s also good to use your own fingernails rather than a brush or other instruments as you can better control the pressure and can sense when you’re apply too much or need to apply more. Fingernails also typically feel better against skin than a soft bristle brush, so give yourself a quick manicure before you start your back scratching session. You and your partner will both enjoy your time together!