How to forget your Ex Girlfriend: 7 New steps

Easy ways to move on.

In your life, sometimes you may loose your girlfriend who was very close to you. You may feel depressed or frustrated while thinking that what you would do without her. But it is life and we need to move on. So, you’ve to forget your ex girlfriend because there’s bigger and better things waiting for you. I know it’s hard but here are seven easy steps by for you that will help you to forget your ex.

How to forget your Ex Girlfriend: 7 New steps

Step 1: Call your old friends and hang up with them.

So, this is the first step as friends are the most precious gifts for every person. Call them, meet them, you will feel lively. Also it will help you to forget about your ex and through the path of sorrow & depression.

Step 2: Start a hobby.

The next step you can use is to start a hobby. Sometimes in life, you might have thought to learn guitars, climb mountains or be a photographer. Then this is the perfect time to revive the old wishes. It will help you to avoid her memories by keeping you and your mind busy.

Step 3: Remove all her pictures and everything that is related to her.

It may sound harsh but you have to do it if you really want to forget your ex. Take down all the pictures and remove everything related to her. This may feel bad for one or two weeks but soon you will realize its benefits.

Step 4: Change your room or decorations.

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You may change your room or you can simply change the decoration of your room to make it as your own space. Try some new furniture, color your walls, use new bed sheets. These will make you feel better.

Step 5: Keep of your ex belonging’s out of sight.

Just put your ex’s everything out of your sight. You pay pack everything up and put it in a box somewhere else out of your sight. Don’t try to deliver it to her or it would be just an excuse to meet her. And this will kill all your effort to forget her.

Step 6: Try to make new female friends.

It may sound crazy, but try to make some new female friends and try to flirt with them sometimes while hanging around. Who knows, you might even find someone special from them.

Step 7: Work out everyday.

The last step is to work out regularly. It will help your body and mind to leave the stress and pain behind. Also, you can feel fresh by working out regularly. Besides that, you would be busy if you work out. The busier you are, the easier it would be to forget your ex.

This is a very painful time depending on how you two got broke up. Sometimes, you may feel hurting yourself, in that case immediately contact counselors and tell them about your painful situations these days. They will sure help you to get over it.