How You can Make love Without Having Sex

How to enjoy Intimacy without sex

If you are looking for more intimacy from your partner, want to remain celibate or avoid an unwanted pregnancy, there are ways to enjoy the pleasure of sex without actually doing it.

How You can Make love Without Having Sex

Take a bath together.
Studies have shown that couples who take a bath together have a deeper connection with each other. While having a bubble bath or shower together, lather, brush hair and wrap yourselves in each others arms.

Full body kiss
Kiss your partner all over. You can start from top to bottom and up again. Pay special attention to behind the ears, toes and sensitive, sexy body parts.

Explore each other’s body
Take the time to find out more about your partner’s body/ This could be quite an adventure. Go where no one’s been before and you may be surprised at the buried treasures you may uncover.

Give each other a massage
A couples massage is the ultimate in lovemaking. You don’t have to be an expert to please each other with a massage. Light scented candles, dim the lights and experiment with various types of massage oils.

Dirty Dancing
Turn the lights down low and pop in your favourite music CD. Dancing together whether slow and close with bodies touching or doing a hot salsa dance, the results are the same.

At regular intervals, imagine you are making love. Lose yourself in the pretend act from start to finish and enjoy every minute of it.

French Kiss
Remember your first kiss? Lose yourself in a long French kiss as you explore each other. Nothing says intimate like a deep, long and passionate kiss.

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Talk about love
Don’t be shy, talk to each other. Talk about needs, wants, urges, love and sex.

You can make passionate love without making love. What is “making love” anyway? It does not necessarily mean the usual concept of sex. It is a broader concept that encompasses intimacy at various levels. Hugging, kissing, cuddling, fondling, a massage, are all forms of love making that can provide as much, if not more, pleasure than actual sex.

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